Summer fencing starts May 21, 2019. New! 3-hour sessions. Tuesdays, 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Our Staff


 Andrew Asher took up fencing with his son in 2011 and was immediately hooked on the sport. He began fencing competitively in 2012 and joined BFC after moving to Bloomington in 2013.  He has coached beginning epee at West Branch Fencers (Lewisburg, PA) and at BFC, and he is BFC's substitute epee coach.  Andrew is an advocate of fencing as a lifelong sport and considers fencing an excellent sport to learn as an adult of any age.  Andrew is a member of BFC Board of Directors and is also a faculty member of the Indiana University Fencing Club. 

Head coach Jason Dazey is a founding member of the Bloomington Fencing Club. He has been involved in fencing since 1997 and has been coaching since 2005. Jason attended the U.S. Fencing Coaches College for epee and saber. At the BFC, Jason coaches epee classes for beginning and advanced fencers. He hopes that his love of fencing is contagious and can inspire his students to get the most out of this sport. When not fencing Jason enjoys reading, cooking, and playing card games. Jason is on the BFC Board of Directors and currently serves as the President of the BFC.  


Charles DeCesaris started fencing in 2008 at the Northwest Indiana Fencing Club. He is currently the vice president and saber captain for the Indiana University Fencing Club in addition to coaching saber at BFC. Although focusing on saber, Charles holds a USFA "C" rating in every weapon. Charles hopes to build passion for fencing by demonstrating it himself both on and off the strip. He is also currently a student at the Kelley School of Business and the School of Global and International Studies at Indiana University. 

Jacqui Sorg began fencing in 2012 at The College of William and Mary. She has been fencing with BFC since 2016 and has coached beginning fencers both at BFC and at small clinics in Williamsburg and Bloomington. She believes everyone can find a unique satisfaction in the sport of fencing and learn something new about themselves at the same time. She is currently a graduate student at IU and can easily be roped into critiques of Star Wars lightsaber battles.​ 

Anita Todd has been a supporter of the BFC since her son first took up a blade in 2011 and has helped manage the club since 2013. Not a fencer herself, she can be found most nights on the sidelines, overseeing the administrative functions of the club. Anita is on the BFC Board of Directors and currently serves as the Secretary of the BFC. She is the go-to person for any general club questions.  ​